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The Broadwalk at Hollywood Beach

Traveling during Covid sure has changed some things. I honestly am not sure why we weren’t wearing masks on flights prior to this pandemic? Breathing in the circulating air as you cringed when someone sneezed or coughed was definitely always a thing for me when flying. So for this trip we wore our masks in the airport and as we stepped onto our socially distanced plane (totally joking, we were packed in like sardines as usual) For anyone wondering about that. Luckily we were flying into Ft Lauderdale this trip and Florida was pretty open.

I have been to Ft Lauderdale once before, we visited the Las Olas area and loved it. For this trip we were heading to Hollywood Beach, Florida. Ryan did all the planning and arranging. I am that travel partner who says where are we going again. Ryan is the planner. I planned one trip during our marriage and it was the last trip I ever planned. Sad part was I let a travel agent do all the planning. We haven’t been back to Disney world since… Anyhow, back to this trip. Since I didn’t do any of the planning I didn’t even know we were going to Hollywood Beach. So it was a pleasant surprise for me.

If you are like me and have never been there is a really neat Broadwalk (not a typo) and it is really a one of kind thing. The promenade is almost 2.5 miles long and stretches along the Atlantic Ocean. I was curious so I looked that part up. The brick pavers are a convenient and safe way for pedestrians, runners, bicyclists and people on rollerblades to enjoy the outdoors and the ocean view while exercising. If you are hungry there are lot’s of food options from pizza to tacos and even ice cream.

Lot’s of fun things to see and do. This adorable Beach Shack had cabana rentals and the prettiest sea turtle painting on the side. I really enjoyed all the artwork and the lifeguard posts were colorful and unique as well. We don’t have anything like that on the Grand Strand.

We were traveling during the pandemic so not everything was open. Most shops and restaurants were. There was a cute waterpark for children that was roped off and not accessible. Once things open back up fully I would love to plan a stay at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. So many fun family activities there. We grabbed a slice of pizza at Rocco’s Pizza and watched the adventurous people attempting to surf at the resort. The wave pool was really neat and it was fun watching all the people wipe out. Then the employee would jump in and make it look so easy. Definitely a family friendly place especially if you have teens.

Rocco’s Pizza had NY style pizza so of course we had to try it. It is Ryan’s favorite food! It didn’t disappoint either. Look at that slice! Just like when we lived outside of Manhattan and would visit the city.

If you are a pizza lover who misses NY style pizza definitely give them a try. You can find their menu here.

I tried the Stromboli and learned the difference between that and a calzone on this trip. Calzone is more my thing because it has the ricotta inside. I thought Ryan might want to try it so I opted for the Stromboli since it didn’t have the ricotta.

We also ate at the Taco Beach Shack, which isn’t on the Broadwalk but a block or two west. I had the Korean short rib taco with kimchi slaw and the carnitas taco. Both were delicious. I didn’t snap a picture but I did try the Spicy Grapefruit Margarita. I would recommend it. It was also really good. You can view their menu here. Looking forward to heading back and trying the stone crabs as there are so many restaurants offering them. We ended up getting a bunch of food delivered this trip so I don’t have a ton of food pics. If you have been to Hollywood Beach, FL before and have other suggestions let me know in the comments. To follow along on our next journey check out EverythingEverhart on Instagram.

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