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Ancient Mayan liquor, Pox appears in Merida, Yucutan

Pox -Mexican Spirit - Chiapas

Stumbling upon an Ancient Mayan liquor, used by Shamans for centuries in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico was no accident. For the last nine years I have been enamored by indigenous tribes and holistic healing.  The practice of ancient medicine is something very intriguing to me.  So when we found Posheria, a quaint little boutique in Merida, Mexico, while looking for Kombucha in the area of Paseo de Montejo, we were pleasantly surprised to find and learn about Pox. 

Posheria in Merida, located on Paseo de Montejo featuring a Coconut, Cacao, Coffee and Original flavored Pox. The store also has hand made gifts from artisans around the region and sells Kombucha, Cold Brew Coffee and Coconut Water.

Pox, a fermented sugar and corn mixture, was created by the Tzotzil Mayans of Chiapis, Mexico.  The word Pox means medicine or healing and a Poxna is the Mayan Tzotzil “pharmacy” or house of medicine.  It was originally used as a sedative medicine and as an antidote for poisonous snake bites.  It was rubbed onto joints to relieve pain and stiffness and the drink was used to cure diseases, purify the blood, and stimulate the digestive system.
“Alex Branch, executive chef of Herringbone Los Cabos and Casa Calavera in Mexico told reporters at Food and Wine that “In the past, stomach pains and gastric issues were thought to be caused by evil spirits. People would drink pox to rid the body of those unwanted guests.” Ruiz told reporters that the liquor (known as  agua ardiente,  or fire water) “acts as an entry point between the material and metaphysical world in indigenous communities and cures both physical and spiritual ailments.” foodandwine.com

We bought the coffee and the coconut flavored Pox and as you can see by the bottles it was delicious. We added some to our coffee each morning and even sipped on a little poured into a shot glass whenever we wanted to taste more of the flavor on it’s own.
BrujaSana Bucha, matcha flavored, the whole reason we found Pox.

It wouldn’t be right to not mention the Kombucha (the whole reason we even found Pox) on this trip. Kombucha along with craft beer breweries are something we try to find everywhere we travel to. Since Ryan brews our own kombucha at home we love comparing the differences when we find someone else’s product. The BrujaSana Bucha brand being sold at Posheria is just another healthy product that they offer. If you have never had Kombucha it is a probiotic fermented drink that tastes like soda without all of the sugar. Usually a mixture of green and black tea with sugar added to some starter tea with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY culture then feeds on the sugar creating an almost like vinegar liquid that can be bottled with fruit juice and set for another week or two for a second fermentation. We tried the matcha flavor at first which was a little earthy yet still delicious. I like Matcha so it tasted fine, Ryan wasn’t the biggest fan but drank his anyway. What a good sport! On another trip into the store they had Ginger available. It was so heavenly after walking around Progreso beach all day. It was 95 degrees F and well… it was hot! So drinking the ginger kombucha was like having a nice healthy refreshing ginger ale. Did I mention it was heavenly….

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