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Fresh Lobster Tacos – WOW

Hola! Buenos Tardes! I am really excited as this is the first blog post I have been able to finish and post the day of our visit. We have been wanting to try Fish & Gin since the beginning of our trip and today the opportunity presented itself. We started at Playa Norte and since it is Sunday it was packed and really hot, plus the sargassum was the worst I have seen it this whole trip, so we didn’t stay long. We were kind of hungry and decided today was the day. I was finally going to give these Lobster Tacos a try!

WOW! If you like Lobster tacos or have never tried them (like me) I know, I know, what took me so long? I honestly don’t know but now that I do, I will be going back again and a-gin! The lobster meat was tempura batter and fried to perfection. The pickled red onion and celery cream sauce was a delicious combination. I love pickled red onions and would put them on everything if I could. I squeezed some fresh lime and BAM! Flavor explosion!!

Since Gin is in the name of the restaurant I decided to give one of the signature cocktails a try. Now keep in mind when I was a teenager I took my parents bottle of gin, out of spite, and drank quite a bit of it. I couldn’t stand any of it but I was going to show them… filled it back up with water and still to this day my Dad swears he remembers drinking that watered down gin! Oh the teenage life of knowing everything and no one understands you. (Insert crying laughing face emoji here)

So I tried the Gin & Che (pictured above) and I couldn’t even taste the gin, it was so refreshing! Now, if you like Gin this may sound like a bad thing so for all the Gin lovers, don’t worry, they have a build your own Gin Martini menu for those serious die hard Gin fans! You can have it your way. The Gin & Chen had mint, Grapefruit juice, yerba mate syrup (yerba mate is healthy to everyone judging right now, I drink a tea with yerba mate and ginseng) Read all about it on google… So this jumped out at me. Seriously though… give this drink a try! It was so refreshing after being in the sun!

If you see this sign then you know you are in the right place. It is on a side street off Hidalgo where there is a golf cart rental, dive shop and liqour store on the other end if you are walking from the Malecon.

The decor is really nice. Still feels like Mexico but the recently renovated restaurant kind of feel. This place will do really well if people start talking about it. Wink, wink!

Last but not least are the Fish & Chips. These panko breaded fresh fish sticks are almost like a gourmet version of the fish sticks you may have grown up eating. They were good! The tartar sauce was surprisingly really, really good. The hint of grated lime on the top absolutely made this sauce. Take notes if you are making this at home and want to WOW your… kids… wait… nevermind. These were truly grown up fish strips. The fries if they were hand cut fries or chips would have really put this dish at the top of the charts. Comfort food on the island, have you been? What was your favorite dish?? I need to know for the next time we go back, which may be tomorrow!

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