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La Bierhaus – A German Food Experience in Merida

When in Mexico make sure you try German food??
Believe it or not during and after the First and Second World Wars there were a significant numbers of Germans who chose to immigrate to Mexico.
Most German immigrants became merchants, educators and industrialists. Some went to Mexico to be farmers or find work. Most settled in Mexico City, Veracruz, the Yucatan, and Puebla.
Did you know, even today in Mexico City there are some neighborhoods that stand out as German Mexican and it is reflected in the Germanic styles of some neighborhoods and homes there.

Ryan is part German and living there twice during my childhood you can see where the draw for German food is coming from. Ryan was telling me for months before our trip to Merida that I was going to fall in love. I honestly knew it too but had no idea the extent of this love relationship that I would develop once we got to Merida. It is a small colonial city so it is manageable as far as walk ability and the food choices were blowing my mind! I promise we ate Mexican food on this trip just not every day. The fact that we had food options like German, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and authentic Yucatan Mexican food just sealed my love for this city.

On this trip we did some research and found a German food restaurant in Merida, La Bierhaus. The reviews were good so we decided to give it a try. We started with two beers and ordered our food. We were sitting in the lovely courtyard, pictured above. It was so cute. A word that we probably said 1,500 times while walking, dining and shopping in the city. So there you have it. How would you describe Merida? It is so CUTE!!

The Frankfurter and the Pretzel sandwich.

Sitting in the courtyard looking around thinking how cute everything is waiting on our food. When the waiter brings out a large tray and starts passing out our dishes. Ryan decided on the Frankfurter for his meal. Honestly if we both would have known how massive this was going to be we would have split it. It was delicious! Yes I had a bite. Ok who am I kidding I ate half of it and took half of my pretzel sandwich back to our place to eat at a later date. It wasn’t that my sandwich wasn’t good. It was so freakin delicious but I couldn’t eat the entire thing after trying Ryan’s. My sandwich consisted of pork, Granny Smith Apple and curried onions on a pretzel bun. Yes drool away because these flavors worked so well together. Dipping it in the mustard was just an added bonus. The pork was like a patty (think golden colored spam) and I am not even mad if it was some version of Spam from Germany or Mexico. No questions asked, I just enjoyed every minute of it. The fries were really good too but I wasn’t wasting valuable stomach real estate to finish them. I really wanted to finish my sandwich but I just couldn’t. I highly recommend it though if you are traveling in the area and looking for a yummy suggestion.

Enjoying a cold beer, in the courtyard, after a long hot walk to get here.

I am seriously going to spare you from the millions of beer pictures taken here. I am foreshadowing our trip to Germany for the first time. My husband has never been so I can’t wait to see his reaction when we finally arrive. I am not even sure it is the best idea because he really likes beer and well the number of beer pictures from La Bierhaus could be a post in itself. I will spare you but we must fast forward to the one evening where we sat at the bar and had dinner.

Hand breaded fish sticks and schnitzel in the background with more delicious fries.

This was our dinner the one night. We sat down had some beer and ordered our food. I was not the hungriest so I went with the fish sticks and they came with a side of celery and carrots with a ranch dip. Ryan ordered the schnitzel. A very popular dish in Germany but also in other parts of the world as well. I have seen it in Cuban cuisine and even on menus in Mexican restaurants. I think it is safe to say that it is popular world wide. Everything tasted great and I look forward to going back here on another future trip. The service was great, timely and the food was delicious. Different areas for seating depending on your mood and lots of good beer choices. Did I mention there was beer?

I had too…

Last photo just because it was hilarious and Ryan forgot he snapped it until the next day. We were talking and he pulled up his photos and started laughing. He showed me a picture he took the night before when he went to the restroom and well…. You can probably tell why it made an appearance on the blog. Tell me that isn’t funny!

The men’s bathroom at La Bierhaus.

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