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Our favorite restaurant in Isla Mujeres

Ryan and I hands down agree that our favorite restaurant in Isla Mujeres is North Garden! We love the food, the prices and the staff. While this is totally our opinion obviously, you might be surprised how many other people agree. There are so many great food options on Isla, yes. We just love the value of the food and the service every time we visit.

Seasonal Fruit Plate – North Garden

The breakfast options are great. This seasonal fruit plate is so delicious and I believe it is just under $3 USD. A favorite of mine after a late night of drinking. Which happens often when we are in a tropical climate.

Egg Breakfast, hold the potatoes, salad instead – North Garden

My favorite thing is the ability to stay on a Ketogenic diet while vacationing. North Garden makes it so easy to do. Salad for breakfast! I am sure some of you are shaking your heads like ummm… No thank you but it works for me. The toast is something new they added or I would have requested it without. Showing it for anyone not on Keto who loves bread. You know most of the world…

Chicken with mushrooms, peppers and cheese – North Garden

Since I am already on the topic of Keto I thought I would add this in here as well. This last trip I was dedicated to following my Ketogenic Diet plan. The salad is delicious and does contain honey, I believe. So it will knock you out of ketosis but don’t throw away all of your hard work. I kept pushing on knowing I really enjoyed eating this. My body burned up the little bit of honey and was back into fat for fuel mode.

Tikinxich – Yucatan style Fish

This Yucatan style fish wasn’t on the menu the last time we were at North Garden but sharing it anyway in hopes to guilt Fernando and his wife into putting it back on the menu. It was delicious! If you haven’t seen our post from El Varadero featuring Xichen-ich (I am probably spelling this wrong) you can check it out here. I go into description about how it is made. Yep this is the correct spelling, Tikinxich, I spell it differently all the time. Perfection…who?

Pibil Tacos – North Garden

This dish is for all the taco lovers everywhere. The Pibil Chicken Tacos are AMAZING! They melt cheese on the flour tortillas until it is crunchy and delicious. Then they top it with Pibil style Chicken. Add some red onion, cilantro and pineapple. Perfection! They have created heaven in your mouth with this dish. Add some guacamole and that yummy roasted salsa and you have gone up another level. Is that even possible??

Closer view – Pibil Tacos – North Garden

Do you see that crunchy fried to perfection melted cheese on those tortillas. If/when you go to Isla try the Pibil Chicken Tacos at North Garden.

North Garden – Isla Mujeres

I could go on and on and share a lot more pictures but I am starting to get hungry now and sorry if you are too. So I am gonna wrap this up by saying If/when in Isla add North Garden to your “Things to do” list. Then come back here and tell me how amazing it was! Or find me on Instagram and share with me there. EverythingEverhart

3 thoughts on “Our favorite restaurant in Isla Mujeres

  1. We also LOVE the North Garden. Amazing and fresh food, great quality and lovely staff. We usually try hitting all of our favorite restaurants across the island but hit North Garden multiple times.
    We ❤ North Garden

  2. Must try North Garden next time we go! Heard many good things about it. Been to the island 5 times just too many amazing places to visit. Really like your reviews! Keep having fun!

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