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Overnight Trip – Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina Review

Normally people vacationing in Cancun take day trips to the island since we have been here for over a month we decided it was time to take the kids to Cancun for a day trip. We wanted to take them to the mall for some shopping and maybe a movie. Since we wanted to experience Puerto Cancun we decided to book two rooms at the Renaissance Cancun Resort and Marina.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Lobby – Puerto Cancun

While Ryan was checking in we decided to enjoy the lobby. There is beautiful purple pool table along with a work station area to the left. It is a big table where you can pull out your laptop and work while over looking the pool area. Just beyond the pool table is a bar area where they had live music in the late afternoon. The bar area also leads out to the pool.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Pool – Puerto Cancun

I hope you enjoy the photos, the top left I shot from our neighbors hotel room which was overlooking the pool and marina. This was on a separate trip when Ryan and I took a day trip for some adult time. We enjoyed some cocktails by the pool which was full service from the bar area. I highly recommend taking your drinks in the pool as you relax overlooking the marina. The servers will bring you another round right to the pool, so no need to get out and towel dry to enjoy another cocktail. There is also a hot tub and plenty of chairs for lounging with shade from umbrellas. I took a picture of this fun monkey skull after my neighbor spotted and commented how fun that would be for the blog.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – 9th Floor – Puerto Cancun

Heading up to our rooms we noticed the ninth floor was a jungle safari theme with leopards and giraffes scattered through the hallway. Each floor has a different theme. If you have children they will probably think it’s neat if you stay here multiple times. Checking out a new floor and theme each stay. With the reasonable prices of the Resort it won’t be hard to do.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – King Suite – Puerto Cancun

Upon entering our King bedroom suite we noticed the bathroom to the right following into the bedroom area where there was a seating area with a couch and a balcony with views of the ocean and the hotel zone. Our children were in the double bedroom suite attached to our room with the adjoining door. Same layout except they had two beds and a small sitting area with a small chair and ottoman.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Double Bedroom Suite – Puerto Cancun

The view from our children’s room. The glass back splash from the shower is also a decorative centerpiece for the room. I do want to note that the beds were completely made when we checked in. My children sat on the beds before I could snap a picture.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Sitting area in double beds suite – Puerto Cancun

The smaller sitting area in the double beds suite.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Television and Desk area – Puerto Cancun

This area was the same in both rooms. There is a desk area with drawers, TV, bench seating and a place for the Espresso maker. Water bottle for 20 pesos and a small closet area. Oh and a mini fridge as well. As you can see traveling with kids means a few photo bombers every now and again. Bonus points if you can find my son in the photo.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Bathroom – Puerto Cancun

The bathrooms are very nice. This is a newer hotel so everything has a modern twist. As mentioned before the shower wall is also an artistic centerpiece and stunning in my opinion. Bathrooms were the same in each space.

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – View of the Resort – Puerto Cancun

This is the view of the Marina side of the Resort from the malls food court area. The resort has a door leading into the mall. I told you we came to do some shopping! We really like that Puerto Cancun has the Renaissance attached to the mall along with it’s own restaurant and pool area. Oh and there is also a movie theater with VIP seating. Our children weren’t really interested in going to the movies this trip as they were really looking forward to doing some shopping. However I am told the next time we need to check out the VIP movies as the chairs are super comfortable and you can even order food and drinks like wine and sushi during the movie and they will bring them to you. That does sound nice!

Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina – Sunset – Puerto Cancun

We caught the most amazing sunset walking to dinner. Choosing to walk the outdoor path that goes by the pool and leads to the mall paid off. Hiromi is right by the hotel entrance into the mall. So glad we chose the outside path because this view was amazing.

Hiromi Japanese Restaurant – Puerto Cancun

We ended up at Hiromi for dinner, an authentic Japanese restaurant. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it is in a mall. However, we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food actually was. It was beyond delicious. I ordered a seafood salad and was a little unsure if I would even like it. It had salmon, octopus and shrimp along with glass noodles, cucumber, sesame seeds and seaweed.

Hiromi Japanese Restaurant – Seafood Salad – Puerto Cancun

The seafood salad was simply put, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The perfect lite salad for a hot summers day. It was refreshing and the sweet and salty flavors meeting the freshness of the seafood was perfection. We are so glad friends told us to try it. I highly recommend you do as well if you visit Puerto Cancun or the Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina.

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  1. I cant wait to go for Soring Break 2021. Just booked my reservation and am so excited! Beautiful new hotel at very affordable pricing in a great area!

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