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Slow Down Snack Bar – Isla Mujeres

While the name says snack bar that couldn’t be further from the truth. Snack prices? Yes, the food however is whole, hearty and hand made deliciousness. This restaurant has an Argentinian twist on some of your favorite foods…

Like these Ham & Cheese Empanadas… Baked, not fried and so good, I ordered one to try it and ended up taking 6 home. I would probably order 3 if it were just me. I really wanted our children to try them though.

While they have a list of other flavor combos the classic Ham & Cheese jumped out at me and I am not sad about it. I highly recommend you give them a try. The Chimichurri sauce is also note worthy especially if you like garlic. This is a chef inspired snack bar, for sure. Everything is handmade from scratch so it takes a little longer. Trust me, the wait is worth it.

The chicken sliders are a real treat. The chicken is chopped and then smashed together to make patties. I have never had anything like it before. You are going to want to ask for an extra side of the Chipotle sauce too. You’re Welcome! It is delicious. Oh and this isn’t your date night food stop. It can get down right messy eating these things. A sacrifice I was more than prepared to make. You are laughing now but wait until you try them…

Chicken topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato with a chipotle sauce. Maybe mayo but not as creamy or thick as a traditional mayo. I actually forgot there was bacon on this sandwich till now. It just keeps getting better. I need to go back here and soon. You will be thanking me after you try this food.

I am going to be honest, I almost didn’t include this food option as I want to keep this a secret but here you go… The meatball sliders are so good!! From the beef, to the sauce and then the melty cheese and bun. This is a home run! You have to go early to get them as they do sell out. We found out on one trip and were pretty bummed. Did I mention they are delicious??

If you are health conscious and looking for a great salad it can be tough to find on the island. Slow Down however is making up for that lack. This detox salad is delicious. I like to add grilled chicken and avocado. Now mentioning the way the chicken is cooked may sound silly but they really do this right. The crispy outside and the soft inside of the chicken is worth a mention. Along with the fact that they add garlic to the salad. They really like garlic at Slow Down and I am not complaining. I try to get this whenever I am resisting the urge to eat carbs.

Now that I have highlighted our favorite food dishes so far I thought I would talk drinks. Finding Lemonade is near impossible on the island. I remember seeing the Califi farms brand, that is popular in the US, at Chedraui and when we went to pay the cashier looked at the bottle like what is this yellow foreign drink. I laughed to myself as lemons just aren’t a common thing here. Slow Down has you covered though. They make real lemonade using real lemons. They also have water and a few sodas and if you would like to have an adult beverage you can walk next door to the SIX and purchase something to bring over and enjoy with your meal.

Last but not least is the seating arrangement. There is a table at the back that has a fan blowing on it. This seat is like NYC real estate. Location, location, location. It is valuable, and you will really notice how valuable it is when you show up and someone else is sitting here. Listen, it is August, which means it is really hot in Mexico. So a fan to help cool you down is a must! Not everyone knows that struggle so consider yourself as one of the insiders now. You know the secret to enjoying your meal here. Grab a beer or some fresh squeezed lemonade and enjoy the reggae music while you wait for some delicious handmade food!!

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