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Tortugranja – Island Turtle Farm – Family Friendly

If you love sea turtles, you are in for a treat. Tortugranja is a great place to visit when in Isla Mujeres, especially if you are traveling with your children. When looking for family friendly activities on a day trip or extended stay on the island, there is a lot to see and do!

The Turtle farm is a must see, especially if you love turtles. Getting up close, to see just how beautiful these magnificent creatures truly are, is priceless. The shells look like a masterpiece painted right onto their backs. You will love that the government and privately funded sponsors are in charge of this hatchery. Working to increase the population around the island. The entire experience is affordable and you can easily spend 30 minutes to an hour here.

For only $3.00 USD (as of 2019) you can gain access to the Aquarium, the outdoor pools with larger turtles overlooking the ocean, views of the hatchery (which is pretty impressive in size), more pools with even larger turtles and a cute little exit with some more turtles wandering around with their babies. You can purchase food at the beginning and I recommend saving it for these guys when leaving. Lot’s of food was floating in the pools and tanks in the beginning. Maybe leading to them being over fed. These land turtles were happily eating the food we had saved for them.

Inside the Aquarium you will find younger sea turtles and aquariums filled with starfish, sea urchins, fish and even some lobster(s). I remember Ryan and I taking our kids to Petco when they were younger and we would just walk around and view the fish in tanks for a fun Sunday family activity. This is even better than that.

There are some open tanks where your children can observe sea urchins and starfish.

Along with aquariums showcasing fish and even lobster, among other sea creatures.

As you exit the aquarium you will head to the right where you can go onto the dock and watch the pelicans glide atop the ocean waves or some smaller fish swimming along the beach. You could also go the left of this photo and shop for souvenirs or turn right and head to the outdoor pools that house the larger sea turtles. The pools are the prettiest blue and make the most stunning background for these gorgeous reptiles.

You can see the leftover food floating in this image. I would recommend feeding the turtles at the end, if you see a lot of extra food floating around and not being eaten. This particular turtle wasn’t interested.

After viewing the outdoor pools you will pass by the turtle hatchery. This was so neat to see all of the baby sea turtles that were going to hatch and be released safely into the ocean. Sea turtles play an important role in ocean ecosystems so I really applaud the efforts being made here. I have seen lot’s of negative comments about Tortugranja. Multiple reviewers mentioned pools being too small and overcrowded. While that could be due to limited funds or even lack of proper staff being available, at the end of the day they are saving sea turtles which is amazing! I would love to see more people starting their own hatcheries and finding qualified individuals to make it a success! If you have been or would love to add any facts I missed feel free to in the comments below. Will you be adding this visit to your list?

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