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Austin’s Cabana Cafe – Oceanfront Dining in Pawleys

Happy Memorial day! Nothing is better than enjoying a great meal and a refreshing drink while staring at the ocean, wouldn’t you agree? Which is why we love the Oceanfront dining at Austin’s Cabana Cafe at Litchfield Inn. Not only are the views amazing, the quality of the food is just as great. Whether you are staying at Litchfield Inn or just visiting Pawleys here are some things we recommend.

Grouper strips basket – Austin’s Cabana Cafe – Pawleys Island, SC

A favorite go to is the fresh locally caught Grouper Strip Basket. If Ryan and I aren’t super hungry we can split this and be satisfied. We always ask for the Hand cut chips (it is an extra charge but not much) because the fries aren’t the greatest. It also comes with Peach Slaw. Yes, peach slaw and it is delicious. Adds a little bit of sweetness to an already delicious coleslaw. The tartar sauce is also a note-worthy mention here as they make it from scratch and the dill addition is amazing. Can I get a bucket to go with my fish please?

Southern Cobb Salad – Austin’s Cabana Cafe – Pawleys Island, SC

Since South Carolina summers can get a little hot and humid salads are a great go to for something light. This Southern Cobb Salad is my favorite salad on the menu. They thought of everything including Fried Okra! Yes Fried Okra is life to some and then the other half are no thank you. There is no in between. This dish is a must try if you like Cobb Salads. It is huge, just to warn you. You may want to put half in a box right away or split it with someone. Unless you are doing One Meal a Day. Then go for it!

Naked Burger BLT Salad – Austin’s Cabana Cafe – Pawleys Island, SC

One other salad I wanted to mention is the Naked Burger BLT Salad which is Keto friendly if you happen to follow along and are eating that way. It tastes delicious and is big enough to support your one meal a day or longer intermittent fasts. I would even pay a little extra to throw on some avocado and just eat this for my entire day’s worth of meals. It comes with Ranch dressing and tastes so balanced with the tri-colored tomatoes and the salty bacon. Plus how cute are those little flags for Memorial day!

The Full Menu – Austin’s Cabana Cafe – Pawleys Island, SC

Another mention is the Pineapple Express drink. If you are splurging your caloric intake I highly recommend this drink. You will only need two if that. Make sure you ask your spouse to drive home or bring some beach chairs so you can sit on the beach afterward. There is a public beach access right to the right of Litchfield Inn, where Austin’s Cabana Cafe is located. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have tried or decide to try Austin’s Cabana Cafe leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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